The Ultimate Yard Sale Guide for Home Decorators

We all have perfectly good furniture and art pieces that no longer fit with our decor and yard sales are a good way to get rid of them while earning enough to buy something new that really fits. And visiting those sales is one of the most inexpensive ways to add new life to your home decorating style. The piece that doesn’t fit in someone else’s home may be just what you were looking for! – And at a fraction of the piece of a new piece! If you have never been to a garage sale, it is easy to come home with a carload of bargains you have neither use nor room for. A chair for a dollar is no bargain if you already have ten more chairs than you need. As a veteran yard-saler myself, let me offer these tips for the yard-sailing newbie: 1. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. And that means even if you discover a cheap treasure you “might be able to use sometime. ” Believe me, in six months you will be selling it at your own yard sale – for half the price! 2. Measure your room, windows and available space for certain furniture needs. And speaking from experience, remember to take the list with you! 3. Make a list of addresses and short instructions about how to get there. Check the classifieds and free shopper ads for times and rules. Some people get very grumpy if you interrupt their sleep by showing up at their home two hours before the sale starts. 4. Keep small bills in your hand and leave large bills in your purse. If you take out a big roll of large bills, there is not a vendor alive who will give you a lower bargain price for the item you want. They want their share of that roll! 5. Go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Getting to a yard sale before its “picked over” assures you can find more that you might be able to use. When you visit a yard sale later in the afternoon, vendors are more likely to take much less for the items they still have because they don’t want to pack them back in the garage! You might be able to find some good bargains for furniture that was overpriced earlier. 6. Take a partner with you. Share with your partner what each of you is looking for and spread out. You can cover twice as much distance in half the time! 7. Pick up everything you think you might want. You can always put it back. And if you don’t pick it up when you see it, chances are someone else will spy it and buy it! 8. Choose furniture with good bones such as solid wood construction and dovetailing. It’s much easier to refinish a good piece. Shoddily made furniture will still be shoddy after you redo it. 9. If you find drapes, scarves, sheets or bedspreads in a fabric that blends with your d�cor, buy it to use for reupholstering a used chair, to make pillows for your room or dozens of other uses. 10. Picture frames, even empty ones, can be painted or stained to create new looks. You can always find unframed art you like and with the help of creative matting, you can make it all work together. And one more thing – I have no scientific proof for this opinion, but I have found it true time after time – the bigger the sign, the lousier the yard sale. It’s as if they are using a large sign to make up for the lack of merchandise to attract buyers. So next Saturday, make your list, take your measurements, grab a good friend and start your new decorating project. You will have fun; get plenty of exercise and save money. What better way to spend a day?

How Real Estate Property Does Benefit Your Life

My friend was encouraging me to try getting into real estate property. We were discussing over lunch on careers that make big money, and he said that the money was in property for sale. He recounted a story wherein he was able to get a huge cut for recommending a potential buyer to an agent. And he meant huge! It was playing around a percentage of a million dollars, which was equivalent to, say, a whole year salary of a typical rank-and-file guy. I think a career in the real estate industry is promising, especially with a lot of developments happening all over the metro. Suddenly, condominiums and themed townhouses (Venice-themed, American-style, etc. ) have sprouted up, offering accessibility along with the latest amenities that surely will prove enticing to the new-moneyed yuppies and families. A real estate property investment is a wise choice, come to think of it, and with the rising costs every year, making the choice now is a very good move for a lot of people. Real estate definitely sounds interesting. I mean, aside from the fact that you’d be having a house away from the grime and pollution of the city, if you’re business-minded enough, you can rent the place to tourists or vacationing friends. Well, instead of letting it waste away without anyone living in it, why not let others enjoy it, and earn your self cash along the way, right? It’s a cut throat industry, my friend said, but then again, the rewards are worth it. Check out some Display Home sites, if you want to see a wide selection of new homes for sale as well as to choose for your home designs that you are always dreaming of. With those listings that you can choose from, contact them or send a message if you want further information in regards with your real estate property.

Cool Themed Gardens

So many of us use herbs and vegetables from our gardens for regular daily cooking. It’s much more practical to plant those species close together for quick picking. When you’re tossing up a fresh tomato salad, it’s so handy to have the tomatoes, green onions and basil planted close together. All you have to do is pick, throw in a bowl, add some olive oil and your salad is ready to go. The only thing you have to be concerned with, is that all those plants grow under the same relative conditions. Here are some ideas for themed planting schemes that the cook in your family will love. Pizza GardenCoincidentally, many common pizza ingredients thrive under the same sunny, well watered conditions. Some examples include tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions, jalapenos, basil, oregano, thyme and parsley. Begin with an 8-foot circle of dirt and divide into equal slices for each plant. Put a border around your pizza garden with bricks, or plastic edging. Suggested quantities for your plants include:basil – 3 oregano – 1seed onions – 12peppers – 3jalapenos – 3 thyme – 1roma tomato – 1 The tomatoes should be planted in the northernmost section so that it won’t overshadow the other plants. Salsa GardenThis can easily be planted in a container and displayed on the deck, right outside the kitchen. Include two hot chili peppers, one golden tomato, one beefsteak tomato, cilantro, and one tomatillo plant. Spaghetti Sauce Garden For this you’ll need a good supply of tomato plants and then you’ll have plenty left over for freezing. Start with 5 romas, 5 beefsteak or jet star tomato plants, 3 basil, 1 oregano, 1 thyme, and garlic. Salad GardenKeep a good supply of crunchy salad veggies and herbs nearby. Start with 3 plants each of different lettuces such as romaine, ice berg and leaf lettuce. Also include 3 tomato plants, 6 green onions, 1 radish, 2 basil, a row of cucumbers and any other veggies you enjoy. Tea GardenI love having a fresh supply of herbs on hand to pick and add to a cup of hot water for tea. Some of my favorites include chamomile, bee balm (also has pretty red flowers, but if you use the leaves this is what Earl Grey tea is made from), catmint, lemon balm, mint (dozens of varieties – even chocolate), and spearmint. Pie Garden Imagine making a pie from berries and fruit picked right out your door. Easy growers include:Blueberries and currant bushes: Plant a whole row just like a hedge. Strawberries: These are great planted in a container, on a slope for ground cover, or in rows as a decorative border. In the spring they’ll be covered in white flowers and in the fall the leaves will change to a lovely russet shade. Rhubarb: This can be planted right in your flower bed or side by side with purple leaved ajuga or other ground cover. Raspberries: Once you start these hardy plants, they’ll grow like weeds. Be sure to choose the ever-bearing species that produces fruit from midsummer to frost. They grow well in light to medium shade so will not take up all your sunny garden real estate.

Custom Made Furniture for your Satisfaction

Sometimes a perfect furniture you want is not available anywhere, whether you try to find it in store or online. The impossible-to-find furniture faces a challenging matter for homeowner. S/he probably requires new or perfect design of furniture to be attached to the existing one. There is a night stand that is not in your bedroom right now. And you are trying to match your bed with the right night stand in local furniture store. But it feels like you don’t satisfy with the furniture you have chosen there. Well, think it’s the best time to make your furniture made by custom. But does it only about one furniture mix and match with the other one?Nowadays, people want to have their home is unique which means different look and style compared to next door neighbor or extended families. This is not only a night stand to be match with the platform bed, but it does more than that. A new house can be built totally by custom made of the home owner. It could be from the architecture design, home interior including furniture, home appliance to wall paper. Since you have that kind of problem you might go to an architect or especially furniture designer. If you don’t have any background of design, he could help to translate your own concept of home and interior design. Design is a creative process of making an imaginary or vision of furniture to come true as reality. That is why you have to choose wisely in getting the best one to help you. Not to mention that the communication you have build with the furniture designer influence the final result. And don’t forget you can save some money if you make it custom. In the end, have a nice time of making your home furniture custom made!

Diabetic Cat Food – How You Can Reduce the Need for Insulin

It is now generally accepted that human diabetes is an immune disorder. There seems no reason to suppose that feline diabetes is any different. This particular immune disorder has the form of failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. An immune system brakes down because of the burden put upon it, mostly a chemical burden. When you consider all the chemicals most pets are subject to, there is little wonder their immune systems go on strike. Drugs, vaccinations, pesticides in the garden, harsh cleaners in the house, but perhaps worse of all by virtue of it’s frequent ingestion, are the preservatives in their daily diet. A typical cat food is processed and comes in a box, packet or can. The dried cat food must contain high levels of preservative to keep it at room temperature, indefinitely, despite what the packet may say. Believe me, there’s no other way to have such a long shelf life. Cats are particularly sensitive to chemicals, so readily succumb to them. A stay in a cattery may well overload them, as most catteries fastidiously clean their pens with strong disinfectants or bleach, to ensure there’s no cross contamination. There are several things you can do immediately, to help your cat overcome this serious disease, even if they have had it a while. You never know how much good you can do until you try. The first thing that’s really important to address is their diet. Start giving your cat a good quality, raw, diabetic cat food. Human grade raw meat, from a butcher, will generally not contain any preservatives or colour as most countries have laws against that. It’s better to feed a diabetic cat 3 or 4 small meals a day, rather than 1 or 2 larger meals. Diabetic cat food differs slightly from a normal healthy cat food by the fat content.

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