Kitchen Space Is The ‘Final Frontier’

According to The Times, room to manoeuvre is essential in any kitchen, whatever the size, and it highlighted households are using a number of means to maximise their space. Despite the various ways in which people’s lifestyles have transformed over the past several decades, the kitchen remains the heart of any property. The newspaper suggested that it is also the hardest-working room, ‘accommodating activities from watching television to memorising times tables (mostly kids) and sleeping (mostly dogs and cats)’. That’s before even considering its main functions: cooking and entertaining. But interior designers are making the most of their kitchen space by investing in appliances that can tuck away into cupboards and sinks that can fold into walls to provide more worktop space when they are not in use. What’s more, The Times suggested that old-fashioned larders are making a comeback in kitchens across the UK, as people come to realise that they present an efficient space-saving option.

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4 Reasons To Build a Home Made Hydrogen Fuel Cell For My Car

If you are like me, you might be a little concerned about high gas prices and big companies trying to rip you off. I’m really thinking to convert my car to run on water using HHO fuel (aka brown’s gas) to save money on gas. Many people have made testimonials that claim 50-70% improvement on gas millage once they have converted their car using this technology. This in itself is a major reason why I want to build a hydrogen fuel cell and fit it under the hood of my car. Using a HHO fuel cell to power my car would have a second effect adding to using less gas. HHO fuel have the ability to clean up the engine itself during the first few hundred miles and keep it clean. Therefore it increases engine power and gas millage, reducing fuel consumption a little bit more. A car that uses less gasoline in a clean engine means what? Cleaner exhaust emissions. The fact is that burning hydrogen result in only one by-product: water. No pollution at all. Reducing the gasoline consumption results in less exhaust fumes, cleaner engine result in cleaner exhaust fumes. Running my car with water using HHO fuel cell technology would have a great impact on my environment.

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