Floating Retirement Homes

Imagine a floating retirement home that includes accommodations for two with ocean view, all meals, co-ownership in a cruise ship, a membership to a Golf and Country Club, monthly Bahamas cruise and annual cruise to the Caribbean. Sound too good to be true?Now offered by Waterfront Lifestyles International, this is the latest concept for Florida’s seniors. The retirement community is a luxury cruise ship, complete with dining room, cocktail lounges, night club, library/Internet cafe, spa, fitness room, cigar bar, shops, medical center, sun deck, hot tub, casino and shuffleboard. The ship is located in Cape Canaveral with proximity to Orlando and famous central Florida attractions including Disneyworld, Sea World, Universal Studios and the space launches. Residents actually own a 1/100th share of the ship that includes stateroom for two, meals and use of ship facilities. Similar to a condo, they pay a maintenance fee proportionate to the size and cost of their stateroom (range from 125-330 square feet). This fee goes toward the ship’s operating expenses. Since you are not purchasing real estate, the sale will not be subject to property taxes, or closing fees. The members actually form a Homeowners Association to make decisions about the ship’s maintenance and monitor fluctuation of monthly fees. The ship is currently referred to as “Alegria”, but the Homeowners Association will have the final say in its name. Profit from the shops, bars, casino and spa go back into the maintenance fund to subsidize the operating budget. Ship Amenities include: – Weekly housekeeping- 12 guest cabins available for free stays for friends and family (includes meals)- Cashless Casino for recreation when ship is docked, but boosts up to authentic gaming casino when at sea. – Access to ship laundry- Shuttle bus for shopping, events and site seeing- Staterooms have flat screen TV’s, telephones, and high-speed internet access- All rooms are outside units with large windows – Monthly cruise to Bahamas and annual cruise to the Caribbean – Membership to local Golf & Tennis Country Club – Parking- Storage facilities Costs range from about $2500 to $5,500/month for two people including meals and weekly housekeeping. Actually pretty reasonable, when you consider the cost of a retirement home is usually much higher for one person.

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Making Your Home The Cool Place to Hang Out

You can easily turn your New York home from a drab, boring place to a very classy and elegant hangout by only changing a couple of things.   Most of the time these changes will be done in the kitchen, living room and bathroom.   Some of the renovations will cost more than others, but in the end you will be able to simply transform your New York home.   The first thing that you will want to take a look at is the kitchen.   In the kitchen you will obviously have mostly cabinets and countertop.   These two features can be changed to make your kitchen incredibly elegant. To start with, look around for silestone countertop.   It doesn’t matter if you have to go get your silestone kitchen countertop from Staten Island, it will simply make your kitchen beautiful.   There are a lot of different colors and textures that you can choose from, but no matter which way you go, you can go wrong even if your silestone kitchen countertop is in Staten Island.   Once you have that simply find the accent colors that you like, find accessories and cabinets that match.   Keep your accessories to a minimum though, and keep them classy. You can also work in the bathroom.   A new bathroom in Nassau county can really spice up a house.   Again, you can take a look around for a smaller piece of countertop that you like for the bathroom, but really you will want to find some nice tile for the floor.

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Understanding the Benefits of Owning an Electric Bed

Electric beds, also often referred to as adjustable beds, are one of the greatest inventions when it comes to have a versatile bed that can meet many different needs. It may help to start out with an understanding of how these beds works. They operate on an electric power source that lets you adjust the bed to a variety of different settings that put the bed in various positions. You can incline your upper or lower body at a specified angle, such as 45 degrees, to create a comfortable position that may increase circulation, decrease pressure on the back or provide an overall comfort that is not achievable with a regular bed. Electric beds provide support for the knees and back and provides pressure relief for your whole body. Now that you know how they work, you may be wondering if it’s time to consider purchasing an electric bed for your sleeping needs. Understanding the benefits of owning an electric bed is not complicated.

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REO Properties in San Francisco Foreclosure Listings

San Francisco is relatively behind in the Foreclosure rate compared to other cities of California. But foreclosure rates have been rising lately. When property reverts to the lender, namely the Bank, it is called as Real Estate Owned (REO) property. Investors who wish to make hay while the sun shines need to keep certain facts in mind when they use San Francisco Foreclosure Listings for buying REO properties. Finding an REO Listing is the first task. This is relatively simple. You have to just decide on a budget and a geographic area, check yellow pages or online postings of San Francisco Foreclosure Listings. Then you zero on to a property foreclosed by a bank. There are special considerations with Real Estate Owned by Banks properties in San Francisco foreclosure listings. Banks do not do more than basic maintenance of foreclosed properties. They don’t paint nor replace carpets. Be prepared to make a sizeable expenditure to get the property in shape after you purchase it. Remember that Bank owned properties may be discounted but they are never total give aways. Continue reading REO Properties in San Francisco Foreclosure Listings