Basics Flooring – What kind of soil is suitable for you

These days, there is a large absolute number of flooring options to choose from. But before start pulling old boards or spend money on a bright expanse of granite , it is wise to think about this type of flooring that best suits your needs .

Besides cost, the main consideration is the demand that is placed on your new floor.

Here is a brief guide to choosing a floor that not only stay within your budget , but also meet the practical and aesthetic requirements of your home.

The basic options :
Usually, you have 3 basic options flooring

Disc : includes stone , bricks, tiles and wood.
Elastic materials such as linoleum, rubber, leather and resin.
Sweet: including natural soil and coco , jute and seagrass – and carpets, of course.

Practices to meditate
In a busy household – and to a house with one or two occupants – soils can have a lot of results : oil, water , dirt , mud and dirt from the outside world before patches chairs s ‘ wear , paths are made along well beaten paths. And the mind can also take a beating when a beautiful new apartment , only to find shabby look a couple of months later he asks .

To avoid making a bad choice , go to the following checklist before investing time or money :

First, what is the status of your existing floor ? Do you really need to be replaced ? Could be sanded , painted, paint or varnish ? Typing or otherwise ? There may be a simple and inexpensive option / watch you face that could save you time and money.

How do you use for your new floor ? In areas that receive a lot of foot traffic – such as stairs , hallways and landings – to be wear resistant.

How easy to clean and maintain should be? Flats for kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms must be dust -resistant and easy to clean the stain.

How should it be permanent? A, difficult to change as expensive feeling in a stone kitchen floor , but maybe not a good choice too. If you think that you probably want a change in a year or two , easy to replace the floor is the way to go .

Will you pay professionals to ask your new floor, or if you want to address yourself? Remember that if your DIY skills are limited , you can discard. Stone floors , for example, should be done by someone with experience in the field. And the simplest materials can be a challenge.

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