Carpet Versus Hardwood : The endless battle

Carpeted or wood ? This is a personal preference . The carpet can give a room a little added color and creativity , but wood floors can add a classic look to any room and is easier to maintain. For arguments sake , let’s compare the two , the good and the bad. Nothing beats hardwood in my opinion, but worth fighting .

Carpet …
• Quiet , smooth , providing insulation and a “natural barrier”
• never “in style ” … maintaining a classic look belt is rare.
• It can be a health hazard of modern manufacturing , using synthetic materials, ” the smell of the carpet. “

– Natural rugs are available for a higher cost
• anti -fading protection against stains and even fireproof mat is available thanks to modern technology
• Maintaining high walking traffic mat deteriorates after 5 years , is dirty and ragged , with carpet cleaning capabilities .
• Allergy- friendly , with a permanent storage of lint , fur , mold and pollen

Hardwood …
• Safe and clean does not contain harmful chemicals when installed

– Allergy sympathetically maintained a cleaner environment for allergy sufferers
• Cooler and draftier , especially in old houses
• Low maintenance , sweep and vacuum , mop, it is not necessary

– Can be scraped , scratched and scratched easily, but equally well sanded, smoothed and Refurbished

– Rarely need to be replaced
• sustainable in the ecological sense , a natural resource

– Bamboo floors are an option
• classic and timeless unbeatable value , aesthetics of hardwood outweigh any carpet

– The new owners are quickly replacing the old carpet and not hardwood

Wood flooring comes in different types and finishes. This is not a unique way of understanding some people. They can be solids , engineering, or hand scraped .
• Solid flooring can be installed above the standard plywood subfloor , the most common in homes in the United States covering .

– The floor is ¾ inches thick and nailed or glued to a subfloor

– Available in unfinished or prefinished , with coats of finish applied to the given location
• engineered wood floors , also known as “plant of Victory” is ¾ inch wide plank floors 3 folds engineering

– First choice for architects , designers , professionals, contractors and owners

– Installed in concrete, plywood, OSB and radiant heat

– Perfect in dry climates and humid climates
• hand scraped flooring can be applied to both solid and designed

– Made in the center, installed and finished on the location

– Scratched and distressed for a new look on the ground floor of a classic old world

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