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Find Your Unique Interior Design Voice

Every homeowner has a unique and powerful vision for their home, how they want it to look, how they want it to feel, and the type of lifestyle they want to experience in it. Interior decorating and home decor is about so much more than aesthetics. It’s about evoking a life that you want to lead. Discovering your personal voice and vision for your home is crucial to living the life you’ve always wanted. How you decorate and fill your space is a reflection of who you are! Start with how you want your home to feel and work from there.

Looking through magazines and online photos is a great way to gain inspiration and guidances when searching for your home decorating voice. Collect images that inspire you based on color, design elements, style, concept, and patterns. Take notice of the types of things you gravitate towards. Do you want your home to be a fun, bright space filled with energy? Or would you like for it to be a subdued and relaxing retreat away from the many stresses of the outside world? The answer to these questions will greatly impact the type of color scheme used, the type and amount of decoration, as well as the furniture placed in the home.

Next think about the kinds of activities you’ll want to do in your home. Will the television play an important role in your daily life or would you like to create a quiet space for reading? Maybe you want to learn how to cook, if so make the kitchen a focal point in the home. The life you want to lead starts here with design and interior decorating! If you want to lead a more active life, seating and couches won’t be quite as important. If you’re looking to turn your home into a cozy retreat focusing on the couch is a must! Every person, and every home is different.

Be sure to pay attention to trends but don’t let them dominate you. Think of them merely as guidelines, not strict rules. Finding breathing space for creativity and originality within trends is incredibly important. Not only when renovating or creating your home but also when creating your personal style. A great way to cultivate style is to cultivate a wardrobe. Now that you’re turning your house into a home, it might be time to turn your closet into a wardrobe! Saks FIfth Avenue has all the style you need at the prices you can afford. The infamous luxury department store has everything you need from designer apparel and accessories to handbags, jewelry, and beauty. They also have fashion for men and children. The whole family can shop Saks!

Extend your personal style into your home and find your unique interior decorating voice with these helpful tips and hints!

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