How To Clean Glass Windows in Eight Easy Steps

TAYLOR, Mich. , December 17, 2008—Wallside Windows—the largest retailer/manufacturer of windows in a single geographic market in the United States—has listed eight steps to follow whenever you face the task of washing the windows in your home: 1.     Prepare a cleaning solution of one capful of ammonia in 2 gallons of water or 1 cup of vinegar in one quart of water. 2.     Dip a cloth, sponge or chamois in the solution, and wring it out to almost dry. You want just enough solution to cover the window without flooding it. 3.     Wash the surface of the window with the sponge, paying special attention to the sides and corners of the window frame, where dirt and grime tend to build up. 4.     Dip a squeegee into a bucket of clean water. Press the squeegee lightly into the surface of the window, starting at the top and pulling down vertically, stopping a few inches before the bottom of the window.

5.     Wipe off the squeegee with a paper towel. Press the squeegee down the area of window directly     beside the one you just cleaned, stopping at the same place (a few inches before the bottom of the window).       6.     Continue this process until the entire surface of the window except the final few inches at the bottom has been cleaned.   7.     Pull the squeegee horizontally across the bottom section of the window and then wipe the squeegee off with a paper towel. 8.     With paper towel or newspaper, dry off any water collected at the bottom of the window frame. Additional Tips: Avoid washing windows in direct sunlight as they tend to streak. For hard-to-reach windows, squeegee extension poles are available at most hardware stores.   Be careful not to drip cleaning solution on varnished woodwork, as it can damage the finish. Do not wash windows with a high-pressure spray – the pressure could crack or displace the caulking around the window. Founded in 1944, Taylor, Michigan-based Wallside Windows specializes in the manufacturing and installation of custom-built vinyl replacement windows, and offers a variety of styles such as: bay, bow, sliding, garden and picture windows.

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