How will your dream house have been built?

First, remember that a dream home should not only be a house, but a place where you can call home. Therefore, before considering their dream home, make sure it’s a place where you really want to settle with his family.

Of course, it all starts with planning. Think about how you want your dream house to be in the size, location, number of bedrooms style. Once you have decided on the basics, then you can begin to imagine.

In its construction, has two options: DIY or do it yourself or hire an architect. Although there are many websites and software to help you design, it is best to get the architect or designer of your choice that will make your dream a reality, and the traditional fasting.

But before we can start implementing their plans, be sure to prepare your budget in advance. If you have enough money, so no problem, but if you need help, you can ask a financial institution or bank loans. Furthermore, it is preferable to work on a budget. Do not exceed the limit or spend more than they can pay or other house of your dreams can be built, but is drowned by the loans which may result in not being able to enjoy your stay there for long. The conclusion is that there must be at a reasonable price.

Hiring an architect is also the most complicated. Be sure to research or ask for references when choosing the right architect. Also check that the builder and subcontractors are insured. Beware of asking for money up front. The best way is to take a ten percent down payment, then take another 25 percent for the realization of all the major systems of the house. Give 15 percent last long after the building just before checking to see that everything was done in taste.

Of course, once your dream home built, examine the list for the first time with your contractor and recheck that all elements are in place before leaving the site. Make your own list and then check the place with the contractor to make sure everything is as you wanted it to be. You also need to hire an independent home inspector especially in the control of these electrical and plumbing work. Again, ask for references or research online for home inspectors trusted.

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