Kerala- The Most Amazing and Beautiful Place on Earth

Kerala- the land of God’s own country is wedged on the bank of Arabian Sea and rumbling Western Ghats. Its alluring beauty is attracting tourists from every corner of the world. Dressed in with the emerald green forest, colourful flowers, sprinkling water and perfume air, no doubt Kerala is the best place to spend holidays. Backwater destination, exhilarating beauty of Munnar and the copious beauty of the landscape gives a unique look than other tourist’s destination of India. These unique possessions of this place make one of the most admired tourist’s destinations of India. Visit any time of the year and you are sure to get spell bound with its mesmerizing beauty. The coconut country is blessed with serene beaches submerged in the golden smiles of sun. Its running waves and the silver beaches attracts tourist to touch the pristine water running towards the shore. Tourist enjoy there holidays in the beautiful picturesque beaches. Take a long walk on the silver line dotted with palm and coconut trees leaving a foot print on the silver sand. Some enjoy sunbath sipping the nature’s best necture that gives an awesome experience of beach life. Couples do enjoy the beach life in there fullest. While some enjoy indulging in the beach sports, some are seen sprinkling water on each other. Beaches of this place are full of life and give a perfect environment to spent memorable moments of your life and your visit to God’s own country. As one can never think life without oxygen, it’s same with Kerala backwater destination. This coconut state is incomplete without backwater destinations. Though time is changing at its own pace but beauty of Backwater retains its properties still the same. Enrolling yourself in this famous backwater gives memorable moments to cherish all through you tours to Kerala.

As the traditionally attired houseboat moves inside the heart of Kerala, windows of beautiful vistas comes near to your eyes. Its mesmerizing beauty leaves every visitor spell bound. Being in Kerala tourists must not miss a trip to Munnar. It is exceptionally beautiful and tourists are sure to fall in love with the eye catching beauty of Munnar. The enchanting views of the hills dotted with wooded forest, sprawling tea gardens and refreshing waterfalls give a heavenly look to this unique hill station. It is one of the famous and dream destination of honeymoon couples. Couples do have a lovely time enjoying the romantic moments in the mesmerizing beauty of Munnar. Take a walk down to the sprawling tea gardens holding your hand. Visit any time of the year and you will find Munnar at its natural best. Capture the best picturesque view of the hills and its landscape in there best natural dress. Undoubtedly, Kerala melting pot stores lips smacking and mouthwatering cuisines. These cuisines are prepared in coconut oil, coconut paste and in pure natural spice. The taste of these foods really enriches your taste buds giving you a delightful moment being in this place. Once you start tasting the lips smacking food you will too lick you finger. It may sound funny and astonishing but it’s true. Book your package tour to Kerala and experience the real magic of this God’s own country.

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