Quartz Worktops – Give a New Look to Your Home

Now the question is what is Quartz? and how we can use it to design worktops? Quartz is one of the finest minerals that is commonly found on the surface of earth together with other minerals. What makes it different from others is it hard constituency. Quartz is available in large numbers. Also, many features of the quartz are similar to that of granite like heat resistant, easy cleaning etc. In addition to these, quartz also comes in many different beautiful designs and colors which makes it a better option than granite. The worktops made up of quartz are the ideal choice for kitchens since they provide low absorption level, good heat resistance, are easy to maintain and clean. Quartz is mainly used in building worktops for kitchens. Today, we use man-made worktops rather than natural worktops. This is because of the fact that man-made worktops are much refined, contain binding materials, are much smooth, and also contain some important color integrands also. There is a slight difference between man-made worktops and natural work tops. Man-made worktops contain more than 90% natural quartz plus other material like I described above (binding materials etc. ) by adding all these materials. We can improve the design and color quality as well as provides a better stability to the worktops. Quartz worktops can be built in various styles like squares circular etc. In earlier days, quartz worktops| were used only in redesigning kitchens, but today, we can use it in a wide range of applications. Quartz can be used in homes as well as offices and other corporate places. In homes, we can use it in kitchens, bathrooms and also making floors in living rooms. It is also used in other places like offices, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls. Quartz worktops are less expensive than their competitors like tiles and all. They are also very easy to maintain have a long life. Today, vendors are providing a long range of variety in terms of color and design with a guarantee period of more than one year.

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