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Epoxy Floor Paint- Why it is Better Than Other Flooring Options

Flooring have always raised great concerns in the minds of the people looking for home improvement and renovation. One can alter any thing concerned to the home with ease but not the concrete surfaces. Not only changing the surfaces has been difficult but also this has been quite expensive as well. Replacing the marble flooring, you can see how tough this could be if you are considering its replacement with some new style flooring. And also the traditional surfacing options like the granite, marble, lime etc are very difficult to maintain. So such things gave rise to a new concept of flooring. It was thought to develop something that can alter the floors just like we change the wall paints. And the output was the epoxy floor coating paint. The epoxy resin paint completely changed the whole scene of home improvement. Changing floors now become so handy. You just have to apply the epoxy floor paint just like you paint the walls and you will see the complete home renovated. Continue reading Epoxy Floor Paint- Why it is Better Than Other Flooring Options

Save Money With DIY Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has come a long way in the last five years. There are more varieties, colors and grades than you can imagine. Not only is it more reasonable than hardwood, but it’s so easy to install that the average do-it-yourselfer can take it on. The result is a high quality floor that looks almost like wood, and if installed correctly, supports a hefty warranty period. Some brands warranty their laminates for over 25 years. Here are the steps for installing the Torlys Quick-Step flooring and some of the details you need to be aware of that apply to most laminate flooring. Place the boxes of flooring in your home and allow 24 to 48 hours to climatize before installation. If installing in a new home, you may want to run a dehumidifier for one week prior to installation. The humidity should be approximately 40 to 60 percent. Thoroughly clean and level the sub floor using self-leveling concrete for anything more than 1/12″ per 39 1/2″. The flooring basically floats, but it requires a 3/8″ expansion gap around the outside of the room or any fixed objects. If your baseboard will not cover the gap you can either add quarter round trim or undercut the drywall and slide the laminate under the wall. When laying over concrete floor, it’s important to determine whether you have a moisture problem. Tape pieces of clear polyethylene plastic in several places on the floor, leave for 24 hours and check whether condensation has formed. Any extensive water build-up or leakage need to be fixed before laying the floor. Before placing the laminate, start with a 2-mm layer of underlay of antimicrobial foam with attached self-sealing moisture barrier which provides sound absorption and warmth. The underlay is placed in the same direction as the planks. Generally, these are run parallel to the flow of natural light or to the longest wall. Overlap the underlay about 4″ up the wall to create a vapour barrier. In doorways or cut ends, seal with damp-proof or tuck tape. When attaching one row to another, pull back the foam, removing tape on adhesive strip and replace foam to form a continuous vapour barrier. Lay down a test row of laminate planks, ensuring the last plank will not be less than 8″. For the first row, begin in the corner and move left to right keeping the groove in front of you. This small step will make the rest of your job easier. When you’re ready to begin, open several boxes and choose packs randomly from different packs, inspecting each before laying. Saw off the tongue off the long side of the first row of planks (and the short side of the corner board), so they will fit nicely against the outer edge and create the 3/8″ expansion gap. Don’t cut your last plank until all the pieces in the first row are clicked in place. Uses the wedges provided by the manufacturer to create your expansion gap for the outer perimeter. When starting the second row, it should be smaller than the first piece you used in the previous row, but no less than 8″. This will stagger the joints as you go along. Click the board into place by angling it slightly, insert tongue into groove, and rock it into place. Click in a scrap at the joints to keep both planks level, and using the tapping block, lightly tap into place. When installing the last plank in the row, use the board puller to securely attach the plank. Apply molding to finish off the edges in the doorway, still allowing for an expansion gap. Use T-molding to transition between two types of flooring and snap into place. Supplies: laminate flooringfoam underlaytuck tape utility knife table saw wedges (provided by manufacturer)tapping block (provided by manufacturer) board puller (provided by manufacturer)

Basics Flooring – What kind of soil is suitable for you

These days, there is a large absolute number of flooring options to choose from. But before start pulling old boards or spend money on a bright expanse of granite , it is wise to think about this type of flooring that best suits your needs .

Besides cost, the main consideration is the demand that is placed on your new floor.

Here is a brief guide to choosing a floor that not only stay within your budget , but also meet the practical and aesthetic requirements of your home.

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Keeping polished hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a wonderful thing when its been properly placed . The beautiful grain and polished surface is very attractive and not to mention a surface that is easy to keep clean . If you have invested time and money to install a hardwood floor , you want it to last as long as possible . For this reason , maintaining its polished look is essential to its longevity.

Clean water

Polished hardwood should not be a long and exhausting task, if done regularly and cleaning and polishing materials, it is not necessary for the cleaning long. Cleaning your floor not only keep it clean and hygienic, but also hide small scratches that will pick up every word occasionally .

Sweep the floor regularly cleared of sand and other particles that accumulate , but also stop one of them from scratching the surface. Then wipe the floor with a damp cloth , it may be the end of a broom so that you do not have to bend down . You can buy mops if you wish, or use a reusable cloth. Anyway , it will clean the floor and remove dirt.


After the wood floor is clean , it has to be polished. The floor should be cleaned once a week , but only polish once a month . Pulido often will help protect the floor and also make it easier to clean .

The best way to polish the floor is to pour about a half cup of varnish on the floor, this is fine for a bedroom . Then using another cloth on the end of the mop , work polishing the floor surface . Make sure you go with the grain and across the floor work . Once you have done this , use a lint-free cloth to wipe the excess polish , which also help to shine the floor.

There are other regular maintenance activities to do for your floor . And the polished wood must also fully sanded and re- stained every five years if possible. Just do a light sanding to remove the old surface and scratches that have passed. This will ensure that your floor is as good as it can be, and then you have the perfect voice for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring – Why is the best flooring for your home

Everyone dreams of the perfect home . In fact, this is the first thing that comes to mind when leaving the parental home . Having a pleasant and comfortable home to go after a long day at work is the best . This is the reason why people choose to make their home close to perfection as possible. This involves having the right soil to match the overall theme of the house.

Soil types

Apart from cement, marble and tile , the use of wood flooring is the best as it evokes the warmth and classic touch to your home . You may be disappointed that normally when people say ” green ” , what comes to mind are the homes of normal brown color. This is technically true, but with the advent of technology, wood flooring is available in different shades , some can even match the color theme of the house.

Many companies wood flooring services now offer custom woodworking and you can find white , black walls, contrasting color wood wood floor projects completed tone, texture and . The good news is that most companies can change the place of the word and respond to customer needs without compromising the quality of the wood used .

Replacing wood floors are expensive

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