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Help Your Business Survive With Green Advice

I am guessing by now you have probably heard the economy is not doing so hot. Except for the large bailout companies almost everyone is trying to keep their companies afloat. I admit I run a small printing business and I am doing everything to stay alive. This includes eliminating any unnecessary expenses. Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar for small businesses in my situation. The colloquium revolved around simple cost cutting practices that will not have a negative affect on quality, morale, and the daily work routine. I found it very interesting that speaker suggested many green practices. Going green to me meant spending lots of green and that is just not in the budget. As I learned throughout the meeting and with follow up research. Green products and practices save money. In the following paragraphs I will point out just a few cost effective green strategies that I have applied to my own business. The first and easiest way to save electricity is to shut down the computers at night. I always thought that computers should remain on at all times and screen savers use less energy when the computer is idle. Continue reading Help Your Business Survive With Green Advice

Alternatives to Red And Green Home Decorating For The Holidays

When decorating your home for the holidays, it is traditional to use the colors of red and green. Whether decoration on a tree or throughout your home, most people enjoy seeing the familiar colors that remind them of the holidays of their youth. But some people want to mix in a new look and often don’t know where to start. Inspiration can be taken from anywhere: nature, your geographical region, icy colors of winter, or even a favorite color. Here are some interior design ideas that are a refreshing twist on traditional home decorating for the holidays: If you live near the ocean, you could bring the sea indoors. Use green garland and add clamshells, coral, and starfish to add a beach-inspired feel. You can use shells, coral, and mini starfish to decorate a classic tree or mini trees throughout your home. This color palette will be green, with icy whites and blues. Blue is a contemporary holiday color that serves two purposes in this decorating scheme: to celebrate winter and the ocean. Icy colors, such as white, grey, silver, and gold, can really highlight the festive mood of the holidays. By keeping the color palette simple and clean, you can create a beautiful snowy look that is magical and fun. Continue reading Alternatives to Red And Green Home Decorating For The Holidays

How A-List Celebrities are Going Green in Their Bathrooms

Many trends are incubated in Tinsel Town. These fads spread like wildfire, having large masses of people scrambling for the new and coolest, “in thing. ” Fortunately celebrities are using this trend power to create awareness for the green movement. The following celebrities are using their star power to create awareness for the green movement in the bathroom. One of the most wasteful places in the home. Star signer Sheryl Crow and A list actor Will Smith are taking their toilet paper usage seriously. Sheryl crow uses one square at a time and advices all to follow her example. Will Smith has just recently purchased a high tech toilet, which uses sprays of water to carry out the toilet paper’s regular duties. Affording a high tech toilet may be out of your budget but conserving Toilet paper is a good idea. Try to purchase EPA approved toilet paper and recycled toilet paper. Seriously every square counts. In the United States alone we use over ten million tress just for toilet paper. Not to mention the dyes and chemicals used during the manufacturing process. These harmful chemicals leak into our environment creating a negative impact. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan, and Cameron Diaz are conserving water with every flush. Continue reading How A-List Celebrities are Going Green in Their Bathrooms

Simple Green Substances to Clean Your Home With

While many people want to improve their cleansers’ eco-friendliness, many don’t realize that “green” cleaning isn’t reaching for that bottle of “Eco-Kleen” on the shelf. Environmentally friendly cleaners, while better than some conventional solutions to household grime, can be expensive and take quite as much packaging as conventional cleansing products. The happy news is that there are several substances that can materially help you clean your home that don’t cost a lot and don’t take a lot of packaging. Plain old water is often the best cleaner that can be used to address a spill, stain or dirt. Water soaking can loosen dirt out of fabric and a damp rag is often all that is needed to make a counter, sink or bath sparkle. Soaking a stain on a carpet and putting a weighted towel or newspaper over it can draw the stain out. Water is also free, which makes it a very attractive first choice of cleaner. Lemon juice and vinegar do many of the same things, which is to say that they can be used to bring brass, copper and pewter to a shine, get rid of soap scum and hard water stains, and be used to sweeten up drains and remove gummy residue from smooth surfaces. Vinegar is also known for its prime window-cleaning qualities, with a spray of vinegar and yesterdays newspaper leaving behind a streak-free pane.

Continue reading Simple Green Substances to Clean Your Home With