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Transform Your Garden With Lawn And Garden Ornaments

The summer season is the best time to spend your time in your garden and relax. Garden is also the best place to meditate. You can spend countless hours mowing the grass, trimming away the weeds and planting bushes in your garden to make your garden best place. There are many different styles of lawn and garden ornaments to choose from. These accessories completely transform your garden. You can find just about any kind of animal statues to be among the most popular. Some lawn and garden ornaments serve a dual function, like ornamental rocks that are also solar night lights even use in your outdoor house. Lawn and garden ornaments are always working to improve the overall looks of your garden. You can make your garden come alive with the home garden accessories. A beautiful garden is a perfect place to relax and meditate after busy schedule, lawn and garden ornaments can make them look impressive. Continue reading Transform Your Garden With Lawn And Garden Ornaments

Hybrid Remote Control Lawn Mowers Are Setting a New Standard in The Industry.

An independent study in 2001 stated, “mowing the lawn does the same amount of damage as driving about 100 miles in a car. ” That does not include those who use 2-stroke weed eaters as lawn mowers on steep slopes, ditches, and saturated ground. The hybrid remote control lawn mower, such as the Southern RobotX SRX22T, allows lawn care professionals to increase productivity in those situations, while at the same time, reducing fuel consumption. The hybrid power system on these mowers reduce fuel consumption by 40%, in addition to keeping the battery charged during use. The lawn care professional usually don’t care about the M. P. G. on his mowing equipment. But, by giving them an alternative to 6 or 8 ozone eating weed eaters on slopes up to 70 degrees, they are able to increase productivity by using commercial grade green technology. It is a win-win situation for the environment, as well as the lawn care professional. Another win-win situation is on the residential side of things. The residential models are benifiting the elderly and/or disabled people who, due to the physical demands of traditional lawn equipment, usually resort to having someone else take care of their lawn. Unlike most of us, a lot of elderly really do enjoy yard-work. And now, by using green technology, they are able to rekindle their passion for yard-work. The practicallity of the hybrid remote control lawn mower is what sets it aside from the other, more environmentally friendly, mowers on the market today. The all electric push mowers are great for the environment, but have to use a 12″ fragile cutting blade due to the lack of power in the DC electric motor. The fully robotic mowers are also very environmentally friendly. They are not practical on most lawns, either. Continue reading Hybrid Remote Control Lawn Mowers Are Setting a New Standard in The Industry.