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Instructions to Install Natural Stone Fireplaces

It is intimidating to install a natural stone tile near fireplaces. It gives an authentic feel to the surrounding environment. A fireplace is a must in western countries where temperature touches minimum level. It acts as a source of heat and adds on to the household decor. However, stone fireplaces require extreme care. You need to install them carefully. So, follow these instructions while installing stone fireplaces. 1 Measure the dimensions of the installation area. Buy the natural stone tiles from a retailer and bring all the tools, mortar and grout for the installation process. 2 Take of the trim that resides near the perimeter of the fireplace. Use a weather proof barrier and cover the opening of the fireplace with help of a tape. 3 Locate the studs with help of a stud finder. Attach a metal lathe to every stud that you locate. Don’t forget to cover the flooring with a carpet or plastic to prevent its damage. 4 Prepare the mortar in accordance with the instruction on the leaflet. Continue reading Instructions to Install Natural Stone Fireplaces

Natural Health is All About You Being in Control

Natural health is timeless. It will never date. It will always be relevant, despite what the media tells you about ‘new’, ‘improved’, ‘scientific’ and all the other gimmicky words that are only employed to impress you enough to buy something. And, happily, natural health is currently enjoying the comeback it deserves. To enjoy it, there are at least three really important aspects to address. The first is your diet. There’s a saying that a quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. Three quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive. So if you eat a typical western diet of fast foods, canned drinks and sweets or chocolate, you know you’re heading for disaster. A natural diet consists of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably raw. Raw isn’t essential, but will take you that extra mile. As long as at least 30% is raw, you’ll do all right. By raw I mean unpasteurised, unheated in any way, un-radiated, unadulterated. Just fresh produce recently harvested. So fresh produce should be the bulk of your diet. If you can’t see yourself eating a lot of fresh produce, then I suggest you invest in a food dehydrator. That dries fresh food without losing the nutrients in them.

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Natural Stones And Their Use in Daily Lives

There are many types of natural stone that can be used commercially. The more popular ones include granite, limestone, sandstone and marble, but other types can certainly be used as well. Natural stone is quarried from its natural location in the earth’s outer crust. Granite countertops are used in kitchens. Granite is a hard wearing volcanic stone that doesn’t react with acidic foods, etc. That is why it is so often used in kitchens. Granite is not sensitive to heat, and very difficult to scratch or chip. Marble is a more pleasing stone to look at. However, it will scratch if treated roughly. It can also burn and will react with acidic foods. Natural stones are also used for patios in the form of tiles, and can be laid around swimming pools and for the paving of paths. Houses are often built from concrete blocks or bricks these days, but they can still be built from stone. This is a more expensive way to build a house, but the end result is stronger and more pleasing to the eye. Buildings made from natural stone last a long time. In the case of the ancient Egyptians, their pyramids still stand as testimony to a remarkable building period back on the edge of history. Fireplaces are used to show off the beauty of stone. The toughness and natural strength of the right type of stone can secure and add to the beauty of a fireplace. The parts farthest from the fire’s heat can be softer stone with more decorative qualities, such as marble. A well-planned stone fireplace can be very beautiful and a focal point for any room. Mankind has produced a multitude of different synthetic materials, often combining natural materials that we use every day. However, natural stone are so versatile and excellent for an extremely wide range of uses that it is a wonder why we ever started using synthetic materials. In fact, the practical and aesthetic uses of natural stone are unlimited.

Advantages OF Natural And Eco – Friendly Rat Repellents

Since the rats and mice are one of the most trouble making rodents inside the house, there are different types of rat repellents available in the market but most of these repellents are made from the toxic and poisonous chemicals which may cause severe harm to the rats and result in different types of pollutions. There are also other rodent control products which make use of heavily coiled metal rods which can kill the rats and mice instantly. These rodent control rat traps and toxic pesticides require high degree of safety precaution because if these products are accidentally used or consumed by humans or pet animals it could lead to many fatal incidents. So in order to prevent different fatal accidents modern rat repellents have been discovered which are totally safe. There are different forms of natural rat repellents available in the market and these natural repellents for rats and mice have many advantages. The natural rat repellents which exist as liquid solutions are available in spray bottles so that it can be easily sprayed into deep corners of the house. This type of repellent for rats are made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any sorts of toxic chemicals. These repellents make use of natural constituent like the peppermint oil which generates the smell of the body of cats to clear rats. However this smell cannot be smelled by the humans but on the contrary the smell of cat’s body make the rats inside the house as if the cats are around them in the house and these rodents immediately flee from the area as soon as possible. This liquid repellent does not cause any sort of chemical reactions on plants as well as the home appliances inside the house. It also does not any sort of suffocation to the humans.

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Beautify your home with Natural Stones

Natural stone has been used to create beautiful roofs, floor and walls since a long time. A house with properly installed and maintained natural stone can last for hundreds of years. Any hard mass of rock is known as natural stone. In the old age, they were used in the building of various types of monuments, structures, commercial and residential places. In the current scenario, they are mostly used as a flooring material. The use of indigenous stones for the work of non-residential and home decoration has been around since 4,500 years. Natural stones were also used to construct the famous Pyramids of Egypt. Natural stones are basically of three types- igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Marble and slate are the examples of organic process stone, while granite is an example of the igneous stone. Limestone and Travertine are the examples of sedimentary stones. Natural stones are easily available in the market in different colours, shapes and sizes. Some common types are natural Stone Mosaics, Natural stone Tiles and Travertine Mosaics. The most popular types of natural stones are single tiles and multiple tiles. Properly maintained natural stone can last a long time. There are certain tips on how to care them. First, regularly clean the floor with a mild detergent. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse and dry the surface with soft clean cloth. Spills on natural stone surfaces should be wiped out as soon as possible. To protect floor surfaces, do cover it with non-slip mats while place trivets or placements on countertop surfaces. Do not use cleaners that contain acid on marble and limestone surfaces. Acids are harsh on natural stone. Natural stone turn out to be perfect materials for patios in tile form. It could be used as a paving for pathways and could be used to surround swimming pools and fishponds. It can resist terrible weather outdoors. Natural stones prove to be extremely good for fireplaces inside your home. Fireplaces are the location to flaunt the beauty of stones. The solidity and natural strength of the correct type of stone can secure and show off a fireplace as its best. A well-planned fireplace with natural stones can be a thing of great beauty in your room. Huge structures that are completely cast out of stone are a lovely sight to behold and easily catch attention. It is a strong and concrete structure. Even though it is more expensive, the end result would be stronger, more elegant and having a long-lasting investment. Every home has its own elegance and beauty which is portrayed best by the materials it is made up of. Building your dream home close to nature will surely add loads of beauty to it. In terms of timeless designs and durability Natural stone is the best material.