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How to plan a successful jailbreak

Last week two prisoners made a daring escape from a Greek prison by helicopter – their second airborne jailbreak. Convicted drug trafficker David McMillan, who spent two years plotting his escape from a Bangkok jail in 1996, told the BBC how much planning this kind of operation takes. “I had been planning [my escape] from the moment four policeman came into a travel agency and arrested me in Chinatown, in Bangkok. A local resident captured part of the Greek escape on videoAs soon as I actually got to the prison about a week later I started looking at bars and walls and electric fences and I began looking for the best place to be. I went to building six simply because it had the thinnest bars in the windows. . . There were not a lot of prison guards per prisoner. Probably one prison guard to 120 prisoners. So it was really run by the trustees, who had their own little uniforms with epaulettes and aviators’ wings and things like that. The entire essence of [the escape] was secrecy. No-one in there was capable of keeping a secret I would say. . . Planning is everythingThe first thing to do was to get what you could call a private cell. Most of the cells would be the size of a family garage and had 25 people in them, often sleeping like sardines packed into a tin, literally. And if they had chains on, which everybody did, there would be the rattling of the chains, lights would be left on all night. I paid for a light switch which was another little luxury. Continue reading How to plan a successful jailbreak

House Plan For First Time Homeowners

People who are first time homeowners better prefer to build and design their own dream home from scratch than looking through the modern house designs in the magazines, brochures or the Internet. Having started from a scratch is also a perfect way to start your new house plan since it is you who know how your perfect home plan and design should look like be for your new house. However, if you are looking for architectural home plans to build your dream home, you have many diverse options to choose from. There are a selection of existing modern house design plans to choose from, as well as the chance to make customized plans and designs based on your specific needs and requirements. Taking it from scratch is not bad idea but seeking guidance and help from a professional home builder or architect certainly makes your work fast, organized and easy that you will imagine. There are many good websites to show you the list and view different display homes for sale in Australia. What you just need is to only talk to the most accurate home builder companies so you feel safe that their display homes are built by highly-skilled Australian Home builders. Be careful when dealing with home builders to refrain from stumbling upon scams. The reputation of the house designer or home builder is going to play a large part in your final decision about architectural home plans. After all, you don’t want to work with a designer that is not reputable and dependable. Searching for a home builder and house design provider for your architectural home plans involves you to spend much time searching online and make a short list to narrow down your choices. Researching a lot also helps you to outline exactly what style and design you want and need. Continue reading House Plan For First Time Homeowners