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Real Estate Woes of the Rich and Famous

Even the stars are not immune from today’s hard hitting real estate market. Kelsie Grammar recently sold his Los Angeles home for $3. 3 million. This was almost 20% less than he paid for it in 2007. The 7,600 square foot home was constructed in 1999 and sat on 1. 5 acres in Bel-Air, with gorgeous canyon and city views. Adding insult to injury, Grammar was forced to lease another home after it failed to sell for $18. 9 million. This recently renovated, English-style manor in Holmby Hills has a cobblestone driveway, pool and media room. He paid $13. 7 million for the home in 2007. Mauricio Umansky, of Hilton & Hyland/Christie’s Great Estates was the listing agent for Mr. Grammar. Tom DeLonge of band Blink-182, just lowered the selling price of his San Diego home to $5. 1 million – over 20% less than his original purchase price and subsequent $1 million spent on renovations. Continue reading Real Estate Woes of the Rich and Famous

Prosper Real Estate Buffet

Considering it is still a relatively small town with a population of 7,116, Prosper has a lot going for it. It has a relaxing small town feel where people can come home and feel they’ve escaped from the hustle and bustle of their busy day. The public school system with a student-teacher ratio of 12:1 is one of the most sought after in the area. Plenty of shopping is located only minutes away, as are the highways leading to the Metroplex. Originating as a small master planned community, Prosper has expanded and spread its wings, and now the secret of this hidden gem is leaking out – Prosper’s projected growth is estimated to reach almost 85,000 by the year 2035. One day, real estate prices in Prosper will be out of reach, but for now, home prices hover from the $300s to over $2 million. Continue reading Prosper Real Estate Buffet

Real Estate Bad Guys: A Day in the Life of a Foreclosure Specialist

The view from the other side of the foreclosure doorWalking up to a person’s home to evict them is never an easy job. Even though those of us in the foreclosure field are not the ones who have made the bad choices, or caused the bad luck, leading to this terrible moment, we are still regarded as the bad guys. It is definitely one of those cases when just by being the messenger, you take the brunt of emotions the people you are dealing with are feeling. The typical day for a foreclosure specialist is filled with bargaining, tears, threats and sadness. How it all beginsHere is how it all starts. Homeowners have defaulted on their mortgage, they are no longer able to make their monthly payments and haven’t for a while. The bank with the home loan contacts a foreclosure specialist in the area and hands over the case. The ball is in our court. We must now run an analysis on the property in question. Next, we contact the homeowner and give a choice of two options. The homeowner can take us up on a cash for key incentive, meaning they have an offer like two weeks to be out of the home in exchange for $1000. Continue reading Real Estate Bad Guys: A Day in the Life of a Foreclosure Specialist

How Real Estate Property Does Benefit Your Life

My friend was encouraging me to try getting into real estate property. We were discussing over lunch on careers that make big money, and he said that the money was in property for sale. He recounted a story wherein he was able to get a huge cut for recommending a potential buyer to an agent. And he meant huge! It was playing around a percentage of a million dollars, which was equivalent to, say, a whole year salary of a typical rank-and-file guy. I think a career in the real estate industry is promising, especially with a lot of developments happening all over the metro. Suddenly, condominiums and themed townhouses (Venice-themed, American-style, etc. ) have sprouted up, offering accessibility along with the latest amenities that surely will prove enticing to the new-moneyed yuppies and families. A real estate property investment is a wise choice, come to think of it, and with the rising costs every year, making the choice now is a very good move for a lot of people. Real estate definitely sounds interesting. I mean, aside from the fact that you’d be having a house away from the grime and pollution of the city, if you’re business-minded enough, you can rent the place to tourists or vacationing friends. Well, instead of letting it waste away without anyone living in it, why not let others enjoy it, and earn your self cash along the way, right? It’s a cut throat industry, my friend said, but then again, the rewards are worth it. Check out some Display Home sites, if you want to see a wide selection of new homes for sale as well as to choose for your home designs that you are always dreaming of. With those listings that you can choose from, contact them or send a message if you want further information in regards with your real estate property.