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Find Your Unique Interior Design Voice

Every homeowner has a unique and powerful vision for their home, how they want it to look, how they want it to feel, and the type of lifestyle they want to experience in it. Interior decorating and home decor is about so much more than aesthetics. It’s about evoking a life that you want to lead. Discovering your personal voice and vision for your home is crucial to living the life you’ve always wanted. How you decorate and fill your space is a reflection of who you are! Start with how you want your home to feel and work from there.

Looking through magazines and online photos is a great way to gain inspiration and guidances when searching for your home decorating voice. Collect images that inspire you based on color, design elements, style, concept, and patterns. Take notice of the types of things you gravitate towards. Do you want your home to be a fun, bright space filled with energy? Or would you like for it to be a subdued and relaxing retreat away from the many stresses of the outside world? The answer to these questions will greatly impact the type of color scheme used, the type and amount of decoration, as well as the furniture placed in the home. Continue reading Find Your Unique Interior Design Voice

Water Fountains: Accentuate Your Home Decor With Unique Accessories

When you choose a water fountain, you will be spoiled for choices. There are mist fountains which will create a fog like image and if you are a romantic at heart, this will be a nice addition to your homes. This will also act as a natural air conditioner. Wall mounted fountains can be used as the main focal point in the house. If your home boasts of a large entrance or a foyer, the wall mounted fountains will look nice. In case you want to install it in a family room, you can buy a small wall mounted fountain which creates a cosy look. With trickling fountains, you can listen to the nice soft sound of water which can calm the mind. It is as if you have brought a slice of nature in your home. Outdoor fountains add glamour to a landscape garden. A fountain can be installed near the patio. This is will create a total outdoor living experience. If you want, you can enjoy your afternoon tea near the patio. As for the indoor water fountain, you will need to decide on the space at your disposal. Think of the furniture and home décor and choose the wall fountain accordingly. The design and style of the wall fountain will depend mostly on the other accessories in the room. Most tabletop water fountains can be placed anywhere near the room, but if you want to install a wall mounted fountain or a floor standing fountain, you will need a larger room. All those who want to add a decorative piece to the mantle, entertainment center or the bookshelf; you will need a tabletop water fountain. The subtle motion of the water and the soothing sound will clam the disturbed mind. This will create a peaceful ambience for the guests. Tabletop water fountains are available in a number of materials like marble. They are decorative pieces will add to the value of the rooms. If you live in a dry climate, you can sift the water fountains from one room to the other. Smaller fountains are portable and if you need moisture in dry climates, the water fountains can be perfect. With wall fountains, the dimension of the wall should be taken into consideration. The wall area should be large something around 3 to 4 feet. Moreover you should think of the depth of the wall fountains before you install one. It should be placed somewhere you can protect the decorative piece from constant banging. If you have small children, it is better to go for wall fountains, than the desktop fountains which can be placed on tables. It is better to keep the decorative pieces away from the reach of children.