The Vibrant and Spiritual Mexican Home Decor

Some people mistakenly think that the interior is composed of Mexican pottery , cactus and chilies . Is , of course, a very simplified view , which is absent in the real estate and Mexican design . In fact , the interior of Mexico was influenced by many sources, including Spanish , Indian , and even Chinese. This influence of extreme spirit of the Mexican people has created a style that became so popular with people of other origins.

The history of Mexico Home Decor

Mexican decoration dates back to early 16th century, before the Spanish conquest . It was at this time that the simple adobe structures have given way to more complex structures built by the Spanish friars . Take the two styles , a new type of design has come. This is what most people consider the interior of Mexico . Includes densely decorated with ceramics, furniture and textiles inspired colors lore .

Colors came into use in 1900 , after Mexicans overthrew the Spanish in 1821. A New Independence has added a new style to the composition and colors became immensely popular in Mexican decor . Red , deep browns , gold and bronze stunning colors , the leaves of the forest as well as many other hot vibrant colors have become the basis of Mexican home decor . It is joyous and festive colorful people who are Mexican home decor that is.

Modern Mexican Home Decor

Although the interior of Mexico remained virtually unchanged over time, some minor adjustments were made . The bright and bold colors are still there, but everything is done with simple, clean lines . The complex houses with flowers and have been replaced by the few modern houses , keeping more in the tradition of how Mexicans live their lives.

Mexican decor has taken on a new life with nature and inspiration from natural materials from the Mexican nation . Using fabrics and dark wood Mexico became popular in Mexican home decor . Tapestries of old world Mexico have become more popular and are now made with yellow and very bright blue , with a distinct style added in. southwestern architectural wood carvings art and furniture are made of a return .

Today, the interior of Mexico is more popular than ever thanks to the rich history and made ​​amazing mixes natural and dynamic . And of course , the inner spirit of this style is still alive and strong, and still attracts many people who opt for a Mexican decor for their homes around the world .

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