Tours to Darjeeling India – The queen of Hill Stations

India that is famous for tourist destination where tourists can find wide variety of sightseeing places, attractions, destinations to visit and lots more that attracts million of tourists every year. India is also Hill stations hub where tourists can spend their India holidays with their family to have enjoyable time. Darjeeling in India is known as queen of Hill stations. Darjeeling comprises visions of ataraxis, of vibrant green hills steeped in splendor, a land of breathtaking beauty crowned by the majestic Himalayas. Darjeeling is one of the most magnificent hill stations in the world. This heavenly retreat is bathed in chromaticities of every colour. The flaming red bushes, the sparkling white magnolias, the miles of cockling hillsides covered with emerald green tea bushes, the exotic forests of silver fir under the blanket of a brilliant cerulean sky mottled with mites of clouds, compellingly foxes Darjeeling as the QUEEN OF HILL STATIONS. Darjeeling – the name is derived from the Tibetan word ‘Dorje’ which means the precious stone or ecclesiastical sceptre, which is emblematic of the thunderbolt of Indra, and ‘ling’ – a place, hence the land of the thunderbolt. The sceptre of Indra is believed to have fallen at a place where now stands the Observatory Hill in Darjeeling. Darjeeling is the ultimate destination for tourists while tours to India. The adventure destination of Darjeeling in West Bengal (India) offers several adventure sports to the daring. The cool height of the Himalayas, the spectacular sunrise and sunsets are unforgettable sights at Darjeeling. As it is Darjeeling attracts botanists, ornithologists, adventurers, photographers and holidaymakers alike. Place of Interest, Spots and Sight Seeing in Darjeeling, India:Tiger Hill:Situated at an altitude of 2590 meters (8482 ft. ) and 13 kms from the town, this spot has earned international fame for the magnificent view of the sunrise over “Kanchenjunga” and the great Eastern Himalayan Mountains. Even Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, is visible from here. Batasia Loop:About 5 kms from Darjeeling, this Railway Loop is a marvelous feat of engineering. It is fascinating to watch the toy train wind its way round the loop. A glorious view of snowy peak and town can be seen from this place. Entrance fee: Rs. 2/- Timings: sunrise till two hours after sunset. Observatory Hill:Apart from the magnificent view it commands, great religious importance is attached to the observatory Hill by both Hindus and Buddhists who are worshipped here by the hundredsHimalayan Mountaineering Institute & Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park:Situated on Jawahar Par bat about 2 km. From Chowrasta, this unique institution trains mountaineers. It has a museum containing an interesting collection of mountaineering equipment. Adjacent to the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, it is a high altitude wild life park and new home for Siberian Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Deer, Red Panda, Snow Leopard and Birds. Timings: 9 a. m. to 4. 30 p. m. Closed on Thursday. Natural History Museum:Within walking distance from Chowrasta, this interesting museum contains comprehensive collection of the fauna of the region. Opens from 10 a. m. too 4 p. m. Closed on Thursdays. Lloyds Botanical Garden:A colourful garden situated just below the Market Motor Stand. It contains a representative collection of Himalayan plants, flowers, orchids etc. The green houses are well worth a visit. Timing: 6 a. m. to 5 p. m. Chunnu Summer Falls (Rock Garden) & Gangamya Park:A worth-seeing place. Beautiful combination of natural hill rocks decorated with fountains and flower gardens. Boating facilities available. Hayden Hall:Woolen carpets, cotton shoulder bags, table mats, hand knitted pure woolen sweaters and caps are available for sale at reasonable prices. The items are woven by the local ladies. Senchal Lake:A favourite Excursion and picnic spot about 10 km. from the town. Senchal Lake provides water supply to Darjeeling town. Singla:At an Altitude 244 meters or 800 ft. (approx. ), this attractive picnic spot near Rangeet River has been earmarked by the Department of Tourism, DGHC for a water sports complex. Apart from this there are more destinations in Darjeeling where tourists can visit during their India tours like Gram Silpa, Barbotey Rock Garden, Garg World Amusement Park, Lebong Race Course, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Ava Art Gallery, Chunnu Summer Falls (Rock Garden) & Gangamya Park.

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